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International Human Rights Foundation calls for diplomatic understanding, setting the priority on the victims of the war in Ukraine


NEW YORK CITY (03/24/2022) One month after the beginning of Russia’s military invasion against the national territory and civilians of Ukraine, the International Human Rights Foundation expresses these observations, memories, considerations and appeals:

We observe with deep sorrow the suffering of the Ukrainian civilians, whose dignity and most basic human rights are being violated as a result of the Russian military invasion launched on February 24, 2022.

We observe the displacement of millions of human beings seeking refuge from war, with all that this entails, especially for women, children, youth, the elderly and those suffering from health conditions or living with disabilities and/or dependency.

We observe the humanitarian crisis: the death of thousands; the long-term impact on coexistence and the economy; the loss of school hours, the destruction of homes, livelihoods and civilian infrastructure subject to special protection, such as hospitals, schools, theaters, museums, libraries, houses of worship and non-military administrative buildings.

We observe the realities inherent in any war, such as the proliferation of war crimes, extrajudicial executions, forced disappearances, arbitrary arrests, torture; baby stealing, human trafficking, sexual violence (mainly against women); attacks against press freedom and freedom of expression (censorship, planned disinformation, arbitrary arrest of journalists, criminalization of neutrality, doubt and dissent); false flag attacks (double and ambiguous); evidence of failed State spaces (police brutality, interventions without roule of law, vigilante justice, lynchings, public humiliations…); attacks against convoys and humanitarian corridors; generalized increase of insecurity (racism, xenophobia, ethnophobia, sexism); discrimination in the means of transportation in the search for refuge, intensification of the violation of human rights against ethnic minorities, LGTBIQ and the prison population; enlistment of irregulars and mercenaries, forced recruitment of civilians (including minors); capital flight, corruption and opacity in the management of public funds and budget.

We observe with concern the gradual abandonment of neutrality and the participation of foreign powers in the conflict: the strengthening and expansion of the policy of blocs, the shipment of arms, the allocation of budget lines for the financing of war by the parties, the movement of troops and military means, the enlistment of citizens of other countries and the adoption of discriminatory measures, contrary to law, against culture, cooperation, freedom of the press and the dignity and rights of innocent citizens, unaware of the development of the war.

We observe the dehumanization of the adversary, as well as the questioning of the validity of the constitutional guarantees of the Rule of Law.

We recall that ignoring or forgetting History, dignity and the rights intrinsic to every human being leads to the repetition of barbaric acts outrageous to the conscience of Humanity.

We consider that the main priority must be the security of civilians, including the protection of their lives, integrity, human dignity and rights.

We consider that nothing justifies the initiation or maintenance of the war, which implies a collective punishment that affects innocent civilians.

We consider essential and unavoidable the effective compliance with international treaties on Humanitarian Law, including those foreseen for situations of armed conflict.

For all these reasons, we call on the Russian Government to immediately stop its military offensive, to urgently leave the national territory of Ukraine and to respect its maritime, land and air sovereignty.

We call for the effective respect of civilians, protecting their lives, integrity, human dignity and rights.

We call on the parties, both those directly in conflict and those that could exert cultural, commercial or military influence, to maintain open channels for dialogue and diplomatic understanding, on a permanent basis, until peace is achieved.

We call to abandon the logic of confrontation in the policies of governments and to seek peaceful ways of settling conflicts of interest within the framework of the International Community.⬛

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