The International Human Rights Foundation is a non-governmental, secular, diverse, non-violent, feminist, independent of creeds, parties and companies, international and non-profit institution, dedicated to the dissemination of the ideas, principles and values ​​contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, the Yogyakarta Principles, the Ruggie Principles and concordant texts

We work for a better society. We are a plural team, made up of people from diverse cultures, origins and ways of thinking. We began our journey in 2004 and we are currently present in fifteen countries, reaching more than one million people weekly. From doubt, we defend Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.

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Nicolás Salmerón
Human Rights Award

The Nicolás Salmerón Human Rights Award was created in 2009 with the purpose of recognizing the work of those individuals and institutions whose commitment to the defense of human rights is worthy of public example.

The award takes its name in honor of the man who was the third president of the executive power during the First Spanish Republic, during the brief period of a month and a half, in 1873, being known his resignation from office alleging problems of conscience by refusing to sign any death sentence. The award is presented in the categories of: Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.

Higher education
in Human Rights

Information on the different courses, seminars, conferences, debates and training activities that we organize in agreement with the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and other entities, both public and private.

Get to know the composition of our cultural offer: the different courses programmed, the subjects and contents covered, the curricula, their official academic equivalence in ECTS credits and/or elective credits, the composition of the teaching staff, availability, dates and schedules. It is also possible to study online, through classes and tutorials via Internet, in our virtual campus.

Concepción Arenal
Digital Library

Free access to all the contents of the bibliographic collection specialized in Human Rights issues: declarations, international covenants and treaties, legal texts, essays, theses, etc.

Most of the works and documents that are part of our library are available in widely compatible electronic formats so that you can read them on your own computer, tablet, smart phone or e-reading device. In addition, if you are the author of any bibliographic work directly related to Human Rights, we can carefully consider including it in the library and making it available to the public. The first step is to spread the knowledge.

The International Human Rights Foundation represents the Civil Society in the Social Council of the EMUI EuroMed University, holding the acting Presidency of the same. Based on the relations that the corresponding agreement regulates, the International Human Rights Foundation is also represented in the Council of the University Research Institute EMUI (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), and assumes the coordination of the Permanent Seminar EuroMed: Human Rights in the Mediterranean. This seminar is the reference for the EMUI Summer Courses. The coordination of these courses is the responsibility of the International Foundation for Human Rights.