Institutional welcome

As President of the Board of Trustees of the International Human Rights Foundation, I welcome you to our website and hope that you will find your visit useful, that you will find the information you are looking for and that you will learn more about our aims and activities and the people who work selflessly to achieve them.

A little more than ten years ago, a small group of activists of different origins and sensibilities, but with the same conviction - that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights, and that we have the duty to behave in a fraternal way towards one another - decided to create this secular, pluralistic, diverse, non-violent, feminist, non-denominational, non-partisan, non-business, international and non-profit organisation dedicated to the dissemination of the ideas, principles and values contained in the letter and spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Today, the International Human Rights Foundation is present in fourteen countries and has a team of people dedicated to the task of raising awareness, informing, exposing, defending, mobilising, educating and, above all, promoting critical thinking as a prior and necessary step towards action.

The current figures of exclusion, inequality, violence, hunger and humiliation, which manifest themselves in different ways throughout the world, challenge us as citizens to act, in whatever way and in whatever sphere we can, in favour of the validity of human rights. In this sense, every contribution, however small it may seem, is valuable and, in addition to showing solidarity, is an intelligent way of acting in self-defence. Because unlike privileges, which are based on the deprivation of others, the arithmetic of human rights is marvellous: it never subtracts; the more we extend the rights of others, the more we extend our own.

Whatever your reason for being here, whether you need advice, are looking for information or want to know how you can contribute to our work, welcome to our home.


María Claudia Cambi

President of the Board of Trustees of the International Human Rights Foundation